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Why choosing this web agency?

To call on professionals with digital expertise and web skills who will present you with a tailor-made offer adapted to your digital needs.

Contacting a professional to create your corporate website, your professional blog, a mini website or your event website is a guarantee of success, but also of the quality of your visual identity.

A digital marketing agency whose primary objective is to make you gain notoriety, presence on digital media and to make you stand out from the competition.

web design agency

E-commerce & web design

Our expertise in the
digital world!

Digital communication agency that guides you with its expertise in graphic design in the field of e-commerce in order to create e-commerce websites with great success among Internet users.


Custom design Prestashop

A prestashop web agency supports your digital business with a clean design for your success on the web.


Magento, the open source CMS

Magento offers a wide range of tools and options to help professionals develop an e-shop or online store.


E-Commerce with WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a popular WordPress e-commerce plugin often appreciated by a wordpress web agency.

Software for website creation

Customised website creation from A to Z!

The tailor-made website is designed according to the company’s web strategy and objectives. This way, you will have a tailor-made website that adapts to your needs and not the other way around. The graphic charter of the Info Monde website is perfectly in line with its brand image in order not only to attract visitors but also to satisfy them or build their loyalty.

To create a tailor-made website, the ergonomic design is as important as the graphic design. Whether it is for a showcase website, an e-commerce site or an e-shop, you will have the exact functionalities you need to ensure the durability of your brand.


  • Analyze competing websites
  • Clearly define your needs and objectives
  • Design the graphic charter of the website
  • Evaluate your budget before you start
  • Work on the referencing of your website
  • Put your website online for visits
  • Maintain and update your website
  • Monitor your statistics regularly

Digital strategy

SEO and digital marketing

An SEO agency is asked to boost the traffic of your company’s website. It is an expert in traffic optimisation and in improving search engine positioning.

Paid referencing

Google Adwords

Paid referencing


Netlinking strategy


Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing

Seller - advertiser

E-mailing campaign

E-mailing campaign

Direct marketing

Mobile first

Trend Mobile first

Mobile marketing

Communication agency

Digital communication: know-how in its own right!

Entrust your digital communication to a specialised agency! Animation of your website, social networks, forums, blogs, portals, e-mailing campaigns and newsletters, all without any headache.

Graphic design and Print

Graphic design

Building the graphic universe of your company is essential to deploy your image. Your customers will quickly recognise you.

Website and visual identity

Business digital

A tailor-made website must respect the company’s visual identity and reflect the values it wants to convey through its online presence.

Graphic design

Webdesign: for a unique visual!

Web design encompasses the visual aspect but also UX Design which concerns the user experience. Take care of all the elements of your website to make your online business a success.

A more raw, enigmatic, but above all, unique aesthetic. This is what an agency that uses the latest web technologies promises you.

custom logo

Creation of a custom logo

Unique logo

Responsive design

Responsive design is a must!

Mobile development

Marketing strategy

A trend that needs to be urgently
integrated into your strategy!

A marketing strategy is vital for any company. It is a series of actions (SEO strategy, social media strategy, content strategy) to achieve your goals through digital marketing.

Snackable video content

Snackable video content is a web content that can be read and enjoyed instantly by the consumer.

Voice marketing

Voice marketing for issues of differentiation and acquisition of new customers through voice search.

The Learning Machine

The Learning Machine, an essential pillar of artificial intelligence, is a hit when it comes to predictive marketing.

Our young and dynamic team will carry out
all your web projects!

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